General Questions

If you cannot find answers to your questions, please contact us at svcinfo@winia-usa.com.


They are included in models that say "Ice-Maker Included"; other models may be compatible with an ice-maker sold separately.

Our refrigerators have auto-defrost features that automatically activate when the unit is powered on.

The user guide for the water filter lists how often it needs to be replaced.

Generally newer fridges are more energy efficient than old ones; ESTAR certified models lower energy usage even more.

Garage-ready models will be listed as such, and other non-garage models should not be operated in garage temperatures.

The control locations vary by model; this information can be found in the user guide of a specific model.


No, putting the freezers in alternative positions will cause damages.

Each freezer's user guide shows the location of the temperature controls, as well as instructions for use.

Certain freezer models have fresh food compartments with higher temperatures; this is identified in the features pages.

No, the freezers do not have wheels but have adjustable legs for leveling on uneven surfaces.

This information is found on each freezer model's specs page.


Yes, the interior lights on the microwaves will turn on during operation and when the door is opened.

The diameter of the interior turntable is shown on the model's specs page.

The cooking timer can be set to any specific time, or you can use one-touch features; guides for operation are included with each product.

The warranty information is included with each item, and for repairs please contact our repair and services team.

Instructions on how to set the clock is found on the user guide.

Yes, there are guides included as well as all the parts necessary for installation.


Add the fabric softener in the softener dispenser tray on top before the wash cycle starts. Note that detergents go into a separate dispenser.

Yes, our washing machine is high-efficiency model.

Wash times depend on the specific cycle; there is a timed wash mode in which the wash time can be manually input.

No, the hood locks during the cycle; however you can pause the cycle anytime by pressing "Start/Pause", and then the lid can be opened.

The user guide and manual includes the maximum recommended loading capacity.


No, the washer and dryers are not stackable.