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Developing Home Appliances Around You

Winia Electronics America aims to be to the global market leader for home appliances, with the emphasis on user experience, convenience, and the environment. We are committed to deliver innovation, quality, value, and exquisite designs to better your lives through our products.

We are a highly reputable household name that is built upon providing trusted products over the years. Along all the value we provide, we pride ourselves on the customer service with great warranty and after care programs.

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Make It Easy


WINIA offers high performance, aesthetic, practical and innovative home appliances. As a result of being committed to high standards, we have become one of the most beloved and powerful brands in Korea.

Make it easy. Our mission is to improve your quality of life. We aim to make your life at home a place of peace - packed with the things you love and reduce the burden of housework.

The Beginning

In 1974 the company was founded in Gwanju, South Korea as an auto parts manufacturer. After a decade, we've expanded our business into the home appliances industry, starting refrigerators and washing machines.

Parent Company Became Household Name

We became a household name, receiving multiple international awards and steadily launching new technologies into our home appliance products, resulting in record production numbers.

Entered The US Market

We established our stance in the US market as a manufacturer to the largest home appliances brand in 2002.

Launching WINIA

Introducing WINIA to the global market.

Expanding the breadth of our home appliances product portfolio.


Research and development are in the core of our business. We take a strategical approach by combining decades of our industry insight with cutting-edge technology.

Our R&D team keeps user experience, quality evaluation, and customer satisfaction in mind to increase the quality of the products.

We will continue to grow our presence in the home appliances market in the years to come.


Washing Machines

Kitchen Appliances

R&D Centers

Design Center

Electronic products such as Refrigerator/Washing Machines/Kitchen appliances/Out Sourcing products & design research

Institute for Control Technology

Refrigerator/Washing Machines/ Kitchen appliances related control technology and technology for smart home appliances on development

Institute for Cooling

Refrigerator products and related core technology to components of Refrigerator on development

Institute for PRoduct Reliability

Electronic products such as Refrigerator/Washing Machines/Kitchen appliances/Out Sourcing products & research on components with reliability

Institute for Kitchen Appliance

Kitchen appliances and related core technology to components· on development

Institute for Washing Machines

Washing Machines products and related core technology to components of Washing Machines on development

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